Online Backup

SBackup – 100% supervised online backup

No action is required from you if there is a problem with your backup.

Our supervised online backup of your files, folders, databases and virtual machines feature proactive daily monitoring performed 100% by expert technicians who will contact you directly by phone if a problem pops up and will work to solve the problem!

Thanks to our 100% supervised solutions, we make sure your daily backups are operational and safe for disaster recovery.

Allow us to keep your data safe with our turn-key solution for all businesses, big or small.



Online backup service featuring 100% proactive supervision and verification by our professional technicians who will contact you by phone if a problem pops up with the backup from the previous day, and solve it for you!

It is essential for your business to benefit a proactive monitoring and verification of your computer data because, like most companies, a few days of inactivity can cause you a lot of trouble. That’s why we offer a 100% proactive monitoring service for your data.

Encryption Key

Are you protected against a ransomware attack?

Ransomware is an ongoing threat to consumers and businesses alike, costing millions of dollars each year. Ransomware and other forms of malware are on the rise, with more and more businesses being attacked each week.

SBackup provides you and your business a second line of defense against ransomware attacks. By keeping up to 60 days of file versions, our 100% supervised backup solutions allows you to restore files from any point in time prior to the attack, meaning your files are accessible when you need them most.

Ransomware typically gains access to a computer system through email or social networking sites. Once a user clicks on a malicious link or opens an infected attachment, the malware spreads throughout the system. It can quickly proliferate through shared folders, affecting both those within and outside the infected organization. Ransomware either locks the computer or encrypts the user’s files and the perpetrators demand that the user or business pay a specified amount of money in exchange for a decryption key.

Our 100% supervised backup solutions ensures that your data will be there when you need it most!

Specialised tech

Our Duty

From the beginning of the encryption until the end of the storage of your data, our backup procedure is supervised by our technicians.

Specialised tech


We act immediately in case of irregularity during the backup. Several automatic mechanisms allow us to quickly find the nature of the problem and we react immediately to rectify the problematic situation.

Specialised tech


This is the set of procedures to avoid or solve the issues surrounding your backup. We will answer your questions, queries, about your package, cloud backup, our other services and more!


Your data belongs to you!

Recovering your data through our Canadian cloud with all of our cloud backup products and services is unlimited and free.

Following a request for partial or complete recovery of your data, we will assist you throughout the process for free.

You want to recover all of your backup selection but your Internet connection is limited; we will send you a hard disk the next morning containing all of your encrypted data.

Your Peace of Mind is our priority.