Over 1 million cyber-crime events happen daily – that is 12 per second. We are all targets for crimes like hacks, viruses or malware.

To avoid problems before they occurs, you need a rock solid IT security protection. The first critical step in protecting your business is the understanding of the single basic concept that security is a service not a piece of hardware or software.

Deploying a firewall, for example, that is not managed to address the many and ever changing threats to your business leads to a dangerous false sense of security.


Voice & Data Solutions

Receive the most and pay the least. We get it!

Picking up the phone and having it always work, and expecting trouble-free voice and data solutions may well be the most taken-for-granted activities in the work day. As such, their considerable and constant cost to overhead is often overlooked.

Telecom Consulting Services

We help clients manage their telecom services more efficiently and more cost-effectively starting with a complete free analysis of your current usage, calling patterns, provider, and goals. Combining products and services from multiple carriers, IT EXPERTS is able to provide you with professional advices and smart solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Infrastructure Upgrades & Installation

We provide a full range of voice and data services including:

  • Voice & Data Wiring
  • Complete Relocation Services
  • Telephone System & Outside Wiring Service & Troubleshooting
  • Cost Analysis of Telephone & Data Lines
  • Voice & Data Infrastructure Upgrades

To determine which plan is best for you



Our Comprehensive security solutions includes:

  • Network Security Appliance Installation & Support
  • Threat (virus, spyware, etc.) Protection
  • Email Filtering
  • Email Compliance
  • Web & Content Filtering
  • Security Assessment & Penetration Testing